Climbing in Colorado

Both regulars at our local rock climbing gym, my brother and I were not going to leave Colorado without rock climbing. We love climbing and had never climbed outdoors. I figured Colorado would be the best place to start. At the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center in Colorado Springs, we asked about climbing outdoors and found Front Range Climbing Company. The staff were noticeably professional, so my parents booked a half day of climbing for the my brother and I. We chose to climb at Red Rock Canyon, AKA “Garden of the Gods for locals”. It’s the same type of rock as the rocks in the Garden, only less touched. Also, Red Rock Canyon is much less crowded than the Garden of the Gods. Our guide, Lee, gave us helmets, harnesses, and a rope. After teaching us about safety, we started climbing. The whole time, my brother and I felt very confident and in control. Thanks to Lee, who encouraged us without being too pushy, we finished several routes. This experience left both my brother and I a major sense of accomplishment.

On a sad note: The day I left Colorado was the first day of the Black Forest Fire, the worst fire in Colorado’s history. The fire is now contained, but help is still needed. If you would like to contribute, please visit



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