Sunset and Silhouettes in Santa Monica

My trip to California in spring of 2012 provided me copious opportunities for great photos, but this was by far one of my favorites.

This may seem exaggerated, but I will remember this day forever.

My family and I were walking on the Santa Monica Pier, when, all of a sudden, the sky turned orange. We ran from the pier to the center of this beach to watch the nicest sunset I have seen so far. Birds were flying around and a woman was walking towards the water. As a result, I left California with a photo of a great memory. :)


Snapshots: La Jolla, California

La Jolla, California is a great place to walk by the sea, kayak by a small cave, watch wildlife, and sit on the beach. During our stay in the spring of 2012, a pregnant seal walked up on the beach where we were sitting. We also paid a few dollars each to walk down inside a cave, thinking “yeah, what the heck,” but the views were stunning. On the rocks by the sea, there are plenty of birds and seals basking in the sun. I will definitely be back to kayak by the cave my brother and I refer to as ‘the Peter Pan cave.’