14 Days in the Mediterranean

In 2009, my family and I took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Mediterranean. We figured traveling by cruise would be the easiest way to see the most countries by the sea. I am not a fan of cruises (or the mass of people or short amount of time spent in each destination), but this cruise was unlike any other. After saving up money over a period of time, my parents booked a two-week trip with Norwegian Cruise Line for the four of us. The Norwegian Jade seemed to fit our style best.


The trip was four years ago and long before I started this blog, so I may not remember the name of every single place we visited, but I’ll include the names that I remember. After this post, I will write a series of posts: one post for each destination visited on the cruise trip.

Even though this trip was expensive, it was so worth it. We never had a problem on the cruise or in places we went to and we always felt safe (safety may have changed in Egypt or Greece since our visit). We met different people on the cruise and it was nice to have a different experience. The cruise itself was huge, so we never felt crowded. There were quiet areas and areas where people gathered to talk, lounges and game rooms, a library, a basketball court, shuffleboard areas, a pool, a teen club, a buffet-style cafeteria with ice cream, and a couple of pretty good restaurants.

We began this journey with a nine-hour flight to Barcelona, Spain. There we spent half a day in the city and then, at night, we boarded the cruise. Next were Rome, Sorrento, and Pompeii. From there we sailed to Athens and Crete. Then we stayed overnight in Alexandria and Cairo. Finally, we sailed to Izmir (Turkey, my favorite) and back to Barcelona. Stay tuned for photos and my favorite experiences in each of those destinations!

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